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The DANIDA’s Chairman, and Ambassador visited My Anh's flag cutting machine


Producing a diagonally oriented flag, such as that of Denmark’s, was difficult. Of necessity was a special machine having a diagonal cutting function. With DANIDA’s B2B Programme providing support, after one year of learning flag production technology in Denmark at the L&S Flags company, one man’s dream became true. Mr. Dao Gia Tuan, Deputy Director of My Anh Garment Company, was able to invent a diagonal heat-cutting machine. This was a significant accomplishment in the life of the inventor.

Dr. Holger Hansen, DANIDA’s Chairman, and Ambassador Hansen observe the diagonal cutting machine invented by Mr. Dao Gia Tuan, Deputy Director of My Anh Company

Tuan formally worked as a mechanical engineer at a state-owned company. In 1994 together with his wife, Tu Thi Bich Loc, he decided to start his own business; it was to be called My Anh Company and have a niche in the garment industry. “I did not feel comfortable working with the state company that, at that time, was still engaged with complicated mechanism. However, with the government’s new policy allowing and encouraging private enterprise, Vietnam was step-by-step becoming part of the world economy. The time was right for making a move to start my own garment export business,” Mr. Tuan explains.

This talented entrepreneur was seeing opportunities continuously and surveyed those looking most promising. During latter 1999, the My Anh company was introduced to the DANIDA programme. This led to a visit by L&S Flags, one of the Danish garment and textile companies visiting Vietnam at that time. In 2000, My Anh was invited to Copenhagen, under DANIDA sponsorship, to participate in the Fashion and Garment Exhibition. There in Denmark, Loc (Tuan’s wife) again met with L&S Flag’s Director, Mrs. Reinbacher. Loc agreed to produce some trial products for L&S Flag, and they turned out very satisfactory. Consequently, under the B2B contact phase, Tuan and Loc were then invited to visit L&S Flags in Denmark. That led to the two sides’ long-term partnership in producing Danish flags.

As part of the partnership with L&S Flags Company, Tuan was encouraged to improve product quality as well as meeting customer need. After one-year learning flag production technology at L&S Flag, and working days and nights, he invented the well-conceived diagonal heat-cutting machine. A patent, granted by the National Office of Industry Property, protects his invention. With this precedent-setting invention, Tuan reliably produces high-quality flags, a major factor in My Anh’s growth.

Tuan expressed his final thought to Denmark Ambassador Peter Lyshholt Hansen: “Without the support of DANIDA, My Anh would never have progressed to where it is now. From a small company with poor facilities and bad working conditions, My Anh has developed into a well-equipped, clean, and appropriately ventilated factory with good lighting and one that provides enviable working conditions and a comfortable life for employees. DANIDA has been good luck for our family-owned company, and I offer the Danish our hearty thanks.”

(Embassy of Denmark, Hanoi)

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